A clean and organized home creates an atmosphere of peace and joy, allowing you to relax.  When piles of belongings start to emerge, you will feel stressed and overwhelmed with the chaos and mess.  Despite your best efforts to keep your home tidy, there are always a few trouble areas that seem to be a magnet for clutter.  Let’s focus on these primary areas of clutter and how to tackle them once and for all.

Closets: Clothes, and Shoes, and Boxes, Oh My!

It must be because there is a door that can easily be shut, hiding the contents of what’s inside.  Or maybe it’s because there are so many items packed into such a small space.  Whatever the reason, the bedroom closet tends to be a constant source of clutter for most people.  The first step to decluttering your closet is to attempt to thin it out.  

Sort through your clothing, shoes, and accessories to determine what you can get let go of.  Next, create an organization system that works best for your space.  If you have a smaller closet, House Beautiful suggests implementing a vertical storage system, like an over-the-door shoe rack, to maximize space.  Use baskets to neatly store scarves and accessories, and be sure to use all the space available, from top to bottom.  You may want to move some of your closet items, particularly anything out of season, into storage — maybe even under your bed!  Even if your home doesn’t have an abundance of storage space, you can find creative ways to make the most with what you have.

Kids Room: Toys, Toys, Toys

Another area that’s usually in a state of clutter and chaos is your kid’s bedroom.  Depending on the age of your child, they may not be able to keep their room clean on their own yet or they may just resist cleaning in general because, well, they are kids.  Sorting through toys and determining what to get rid of can be a difficult and emotional process for your child.  Start small and pick a category like puzzles or books to begin the sorting.  Determine if the toy is in good condition and if it really gets played with anymore.  Trash the items that are broken and donate the items that have served their purpose.  If your child really struggles with letting go of items, say their cherished collection of trash that they find on the ground, it’s okay to do this without them.  After you have sorted through all the clutter, the room will be much easier to keep clean and organized in the future.

Laundry Room: Bottomless Heaps of Clothing

If there is more than one person living in your home – or even if it’s just you – the laundry room is a likely source of constant clutter and dread.  If you regularly feel behind and the piles of laundry on the floor are never-ending, it’s possible that youown too much stuff.  Hopefully, you’ve already gone through the clothes in your closet by now, but it may also be time to sort through your towels, linens, and blankets.  Get rid of the old, bleach-stained towels.  Try to limit your linens to two sets per bed – one to use now plus a spare.  Paring down your belongings will help reduce the amount of laundry accumulation.  Living Well Spending Less also suggests organizing the room efficiently to maintain the clutter.  Have sorting baskets set up for family members to stash their dirty clothes, and store your detergents and cleaners neatly on a shelf above the washer or in a cabinet.  With these tips, you will finally be able to find joy in your laundry room!

Identifying the areas in your home that attract the most clutter and tackling them first will result in an overall tidier home.  Reduce the number of belongings you own and take advantage ofclever storage solutions.  Your home will be easier to keep tidy, and you will have free time to do more of the things you enjoy.

Article by Jackie Waters hyper-tidy.com A Tidy Home is a Happy Home
Photo Credit: pexels.com